A Virtual Event thats even better.

Why cancel when your event can be more engaging and less expensive?


The future of events is virtual.

Why cancel your conference when you can take it online and make it slicker, more engaging and less expensive? 

JJ Splice Digital has perfected conference live-streaming to make large scale events hassle-free, and even more dynamic. And attendees don't need to leave home.

Our happy clients include:

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Your Questions About Virtual Events Answered:

JJ Splice Digital Founder & CEO Dean Francis explains Virtual Conferences.

How It Works

Hosts and keynote speakers

  • Attend the centrally-located Virtual Conference Centre
  • Or present from their own home or office
  • Have constant access to the live conference audience
  • Use familiar presentation tools like PowerPoint

Audiences and guests

  • Interact in real time through video and comments
  • Can review previous conference sessions at any time
  • Can attend from any timezone

Conference organisers

  • Have confidence in a world-class presentation
  • Save money on venue costs
  • Retain high-quality conference recordings for future use

Networking opportunities

  • Virtual break-out rooms
  • Afternoon drinks
  • Moderated discussion panels

We provide

  • Conference packages tailored to every budget, organisation and industry
  • Conference ticketing, registration and marketing
  • Equipment and coaching for remote speakers to optimise quality
  • Full in-studio support including auto-cue, video playback and on-screen graphics
  • Broadcast-quality video recordings of entire conference

Discover the possibilities. 

  • Broadcast-quality multi-camera production
  • Reliable, high quality stream on any platform - Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram or your own site
  • Realtime interaction with audiences
  • Seamless integration with presentation software
  • Speakers and audience can be anywhere
  • Equipment and coaching for remote speakers
  • Virtual networking events

What could your company do with all the money saved by making your conference even better?  


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